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Rory Root

Most of you probably already know, but comic book retailer and owner of Berkeley's Comics Relief Rory Root passed away today, after succumbing to a coma after a surgical procedure due to a ruptured hernia.

Rory was one of those bulwarks of the comics industry who had been around for forever and knew everyone. He was a great retailer who, despite the fact I was some jackass on the internet, seemed to know exactly what to drop in my hands when I would pop up in his booth at Comic Con or during a random visit to his store when I was in the Bay Area.

He was a tastemaker, an encyclopedia of knowledge and advice, and a guy who cared more about exposing people to good material than making money. I have Rory to thank for getting me beyond the "mature" and "edgy" comics of DC's Vertigo line, and into the REALLY good stuff like Moebius, Billy Budd KGB, Herge & Tintin, Lil' Abner, and Osama Tezuka.

Nevermind the comic book industry; the world at large is slightly darker with his passing.



; (

I just heard about this an hour or so ago.. I'm super sad about it.

Re: ; (

Yeah. I didn't know Rory all that well other than from message boards and I'm surprised at how much this is bothering me. I'm at best tangentially around comics as just a fan, but Rory was the kind of guy who just spoke to being a patron of the arts in the best sense and keeping life simple with a positive outlook. MAN he is not the kind of guy we should be losing.